il cliente

Telecom Italia: the number one fixed telephony operator in Italy, with over 27.1 million connections to its network.

The goal: As part of the global reorganisation of its information technology systems, it has completed the re-engineering of the entire invoice generation chain for Consumer and Business clients.

The data: over 140 million invoices generated, totalling over 465 million physical sheets produced annually

le criticità

  • Out-of-date and costly document generation and management architecture
  • Proprietary and non-portable software environments
  • Complicated maintenance development tied to issuing times not consistent with the requirements of internal clients
  • Slow invoice display system not integrated with CRM systems
  • High impacts on call centres

i requisiti

  • Need to generate over 10 million documents in a maximum time of 48 hours (2 workdays)
  • Simultaneous generation of documents for industrial printing process and filing
  • Complete transparency for current printing provider as regards production and control processes
  • Use of independent hardware development and processing environments
  • Use of XML as exchange format between applications
  • Introduction of modular and scalable functional architecture
  • Use of multi-format document production technologies able to support multi-channel dispatch

i benefici

  • Definition of functional architecture for the new solution
  • Design of system architecture
  • Introduction of XML as exchange format between the applications of the new process model
  • Definition of assessment criteria aimed at selecting the product for document generation
  • Complete management of process of integration with printing provider
  • Realisation of functional analysis, build and system & integration test of application components
  • Execution of roll out and tuning on operating systems
  • Realisation of functional parallel for decommissioning of pre-existing systems
  • Training of Telecom IT personnel for solution application maintenance activities
  • Supply of backing to Telecom IT for solution operation activities

The realisation of the software is based on use of the eBilling framework called Business Communication Portal conveyed, in the case of Telecom Italia, onto HP Superdome architectures, operating on OS HP-UX 11i and connected to storage EMC2 Simmetrix DMX.

The product selected by the client for document composition was M-PReS by Printsoft integrated in BCPortal, the reference framework used by eBilling for developing the project application components.

The developed software components have enabled industrial printing in AFPDS format, the supply of a Document Management System in PDF format and the supply of eLOGS Business Process Management module integrated in Business Communication Portal.

Thanks to this architecture and the choice of technological infrastructures made, for each monthly billing cycle over 11.6 million documents are produced equal to nearly 39 million sheets in AFPDS and PDF at the same time in under 22 hours.